Piazza San Marco, la storia di una tra le piazze più belle d’Italia

Piazza San Marco in Venice is one of the most important, beautiful and fascinating squares of Italy, renowned worldwide for its magnificence, its magic and its architectural integrity. In Venice Piazza San Marco is the only real square, because all the other spaces that recall the shape are actually defined as “” or “squares” fields. Piazza San Marco is a very large space, has a trapezoidal shape and is 170 meters long. 

Basilica of San Marco

Putting themselves at the center of the square and looking towards the Basilica, you can see the following buildings: the Campanile di San Marco, the New Procuratie, the Napoleonic Wing, the Procuratie Vecchie, the Torre dell ‘clock, the Ducal Palace and of course the wonderful St. Mark’s Basilica, masterpiece of Byzantine art.


Piazza San Marco

The heart of the city and a symbol of the Venetian Republic, the monumental area of Piazza San Marco consists of three major parts:  
-The Square , ie the enclosed area between the ProcuratieVecchie  and  New and the  Brand new , consists of beautiful and unique architecture of its kind, built on the monumental complex of the basilica with the famous Campanile di San Marco where you can enjoy a unique view and the round of the city of Venice. The Piazzetta or  Piazzetta San Marco , in front of the Doge’s Palace and the Library is the ‘monumental and spectacular access to marciana for those coming from the sea, passing through the two famous columns in front of St. Mark’s Basin on which stand the lion and the saint San Marco, which overlooks the pier of Piazza Ducale, the only bank in Venice that bears the name of the pier. -the Piazzetta dei Leoncini on the side of the basilica and adjacent to the Patriarchal Palace is named for the two statues of lions crouching delimiting the raised central area.   


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