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The top free events of Venice Carnival 2024

With the evocative title “Towards the East: The Extraordinary Journey of Marco Polo,” the Venice Carnival 2024 celebrates one of the greatest explorers in history. In commemoration of the 700 years since his passing on January 8, 1324, Marco Polo returns to the lagoon as

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palazzo grassi a venezia

Palazzo Grassi in Venice

Summary Palazzo Grassi in Venice Palazzo Grassi, located in campo San Samuele and facing the Grand Canal, was the last palace built before the end of the Venetian Republic, in 1772. The Stairwell The main stairwell is frescoed by Michelangelo Morlaiter and Francesco Zanchi, and the ceilings are decorated by the artists Giambattista Canal and Christian

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2 persone travestite in maschera a carnevale

The most popular Carnival masks

A fundamental component of the carnival experience is the mask. Wearing one allowed people to transform themselves into someone else, freeing themselves from the constraints of everyday life.

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vista panoramica di venezia

Must-sees in Venice

Summary What to see in Venice Don’t know what to see in Venice? Venice is one of the world’s most popular tourist destinations, with around 20 million visitors every year. The greatest challenge is choosing what to do in Venice! Indeed, there are many attractions and places to discover: from tours on the canals onboard the worldwide-famous gondolas, to creating your own carnival mask-making experience, Venice offers many attractions, activities, and, last but not least, incredible memories to collect.  5 must-sees in Venice Here you have 5 must-sees in Venice, not to be missed:  Visiting St. Mark’s Square; Discovering Venice with

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palazzo delle prigioni a venezia

The new prisons

Summary The Building The huge prisons were made of large marble and Istrian stone blocks and were intimidating and frightening. Still today we don’t know how they were assembled. The palace was constructed in 1500 to create a more hygienic prison for the inmates and certain judicial functions of the Doge’s Palace were also transferred

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harrys bar a venezia

Harry’s Bar and Ernest Hemingway

Summary Ernest Hemingway and his novella There is no doubt that the intensity of warfare in the Veneto district overall, and it echoes in Ernest Hemingway’s novella Across the River and Into the Trees, published in 1950. Although not the greatest of Hemingway’s writings, there is nevertheless undeniable poignancy in its account

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