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What to see in Venice

vista panoramica di venezia

Must-sees in Venice

Summary What to see in Venice Don’t know what to see in Venice? Venice is one of the world’s most popular tourist destinations, with around 20 million visitors every year. The greatest challenge is choosing what to do in Venice! Indeed, there are many attractions and places to discover: from tours on the canals onboard the worldwide-famous gondolas, to creating your own carnival mask-making experience, Venice offers many attractions, activities, and, last but not least, incredible memories to collect.  5 must-sees in Venice Here you have

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panoramica sul canal grande di Venezia con vaporetti

10 unique things to do in Venice

Summary 10 unique things to do in Venice It is always reductive to make a bucket list of things to do in Venice. In fact, there are so many insights that we could go on forever. It is also true that in a world-famous city like Venice, “tourist” sights end up obscuring its more unusual, but no less beautiful facet. So here are 10 unique things to do in Venice by choosing Venice City Tours. Among them we have listed other “tips” to

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